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Free Dahlia guide

Dahlias are very popular and trendy, but do you still hesitate to plant them?

Bee and butterfly garden

#bees , #butterflies , #dahlias

5 tips for your own cheerful bee and butterfly garden

Coming soon: our book 'The Joy of Dahlias'!

#dahlias , #inspiration , #book

Party time! Our very first book is ready and will be published in August 2020...

How do I prevent snails in my dahlias?

#snails , #care

There are several methods to fight the snails!

Blogs about visiting our tulip fields

Would you like to know more about the experience of visiting our Farm? Read some blogs here.

The best tips for enjoying your dahlias

#care , #planting , #cut flowers

We have put together the most important things to know for growing and enjoying your dahlia flowers.

The best places to stay in Lisse

#tulipfields , #bed & breakfast , #hotel

Are you going to visit our Flower Farm or Keukenhof and the tulip fields around Lisse (South Holland)? here are some nice suggestions of cosy hotels and bed & breakfast locations.

How to grow dahlias in pots?


If you don't have a lot of space, you can also plant dahlias in pots!

How to store Dahlia tubers through the winter?

It takes some work, but the reward is great.